News:  Picoradio Released!

Picoradio Preorder Campaign

Click for more info on Picoradio, our advanced single link system for UAS/Multicopters- 3 functions in one- HD video capable data rates, autopilot command & control, and manual control with our add-on SBUS passthrough module.

• Rapid realtime image and metadata transmission
• Integrated or external broadband datalink
• Supports low bandwidth Iridium / Globalstar / Inmarsat
beyond line of sight satcomm image transmission
• up to 64GB+ onboard image storage
• Supports 2 to 16 megapixel families of Prosilica, Lumenera,
and other cameras
• Dual Gigabit ethernet / 4 USB2 / analog video inputs possible
• Potential icing conditions, meteorological, and carb ice warning outputs
• RS232 / CAN / TTL / Pulse outputs